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Get this data in CSV or JSON

About this application

Built for fun by the SemanticTourist

In brief

This application brings together data published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, on its monthly payments over 500.

Data from the separate spreadsheets have been combined into a single list, and are stored in this Google Fusion Table.

The application then accesses that table via Google's Fusion Tables API. It utilises various visualisation tools and techniques to analyse and present the data, for you to explore and interact with.

How does it work then?

The first thing to notice is that you can explore data by:

The "type" of money is either OVERHEADS or GRANT - i.e. funds used to run the Department's day-to-day business, versus money the organisation pays to other third parties for them to do specific things.

Use the menus on the left hand-side of the screen to choose to explore data via the type of money spent, and Unit